About me

So what can I tell about me?!

Male, over 30 years, have a family and I am working in IT. But who cares about those facts? :-)

More interesting would be scale modeling facts!

Ok, here we go… I really enjoy it, but do not find as much time as I would like to. My preferred model is the Tonka/Tornado from Revell, most likely in 1:72 scale as it needs to fit into my shelves.

I am interested in special schemes, that’s why you will find most of my builds (at least in the Aircraft Area) painted in one of the many schemes out there.

But it is not all about aircrafts. From time to time I start building a tank, or any kind of AFV and sometimes even a ship.

Definitely not a master modeler, more or less a starter/beginner. I do not count rivets, but I try to get better and better with every model.

Why a blog?

As I mentioned earlier I am working in IT, so that is one reason. I just want to be a bit up to date and so I am looking what’s out there. Another thing is that I am member of so many forums that it is hard to update all WIPs and Roll outs in all of those forums. So I decided to do it with a blog. In case I miss out a forum, they still would be able to find my build on here.

So that’s it, have fun, enjoy and stay tuned…

by the way, all already existing entries will be translated into English as soon as I can.

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