STS-133, the last mission of the Discovery / Part 1

Another day, another project…

On February, 24th in the year 2011 NASA launched STS-133, which was the 133rd Space Shuttle mission and the last one for the Shuttle Discovery. Also it was the 39th mission of the Discovery. During the mission the Discovery visited the ISS and delivered Leonardo, a Multi Purpose Logistic Modul and additional equipment. After 14 days in space Space Shuttle Discovery returned on March, 9th to earth and was landing at the Kennedy Space Center. Discovery spent a total amount of 365 days (a complete year) in space!

After following some other people building a Shuttle Launch Pad and the re-release of the Shuttle Launch Tower by Revell I was thinking about building one for myself. But after hearing so much bad things about the scale issues with the Revell Tower, compared to the Shuttle and the MLP I have decided to take a slightly different approach. I have ordered the MLP and the crawler from Educraft. Those two will come in the correct 1:144 scale, but made out of paper.
So I will use the paper model as a template and will build it out of some Evergreen plastic sheets. But the tower is a totally different story…
As right now, I think I will build it completely from scratch, but it kind of depends how good I can deal with the paper model.

So instead of using the Shuttle from the Revell Shuttle Launch Tower Box, I bought another Shuttle on Ebay. Box art looks pretty used, but the kit itself was perfectly fine.

I have removed all raised panel lines as they were not present during the latest shuttle missions. Also I glued the Booster rockets together and placed them on the Revell MLP to see how it looks.

Last step was to start building the shuttle blast chamber. This will be right below the shuttle.

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