44+21 “Black Thunder”

The Original:

The first unit of the Bundesluftwaffe who reached 125.000 hours flying hours was JaboG 31 „Boelcke“ from Nörvenich/Niederhein at the end of the year 2000. To celebrate this anniversary one Tonka received a special schema, first time painted using original Revell colors. The design was a suggestion of Major Bodo Heinrichs, which 3 Unit members and himself applied to the jet. The jet was seen at the following Airshows in 2001: Constanza/Romania, Florennes/Belgium, Ghedi/Italy, Turkey, Tornado Reunion/Javer, Airshow Hopsten/Germany, Verona and Malta.

In Scale:

The Model was pretty easy to assemble. Compared to the one from Italeri you can see that Revell is definitely the better choice. The Jet was painted using an Airbrush and Revell Aqua-Colors. Some of the decals are silvering, which was not changeable afterwards. The landing gear was shortened a bit as the original part represents a Tonka which must be empty.

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