STS-133, last mission of the Discovery / Part 3

Slow progress, but finally at least something…

After I cutted out the ground plate of the MLP I added some plastic card pieces to aligne the inner walls.
I used a set square to make sure that all walls are vertical.
The result was that all walls have been glued in place.
After that I placed the top plate on the MLP.
I used some water bottles to make sure that everything stayed in place until the glue was dry.
To keep up the motivation I tried how the booster rockets would look like…
Next step was the Side 3, where I placed all structural pieces
For Side 4 I cutted the stabilizers…
…and glued them in place.

Hope to post next update soon, but work keeps me off lately.

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Good old “Tante JU” – almost ready

Got that from a good friend to finish it. He started painting it a while ago, but never had time to finish it. So I started with the cabin and the Cockpit. After that it got some rest on the “shelf of doom“. I have decided to finish it now.
So I assembled mostly the rest and she is now ready for some paint. Will hopefully happen next Weekend.

By the way, it is the old Italeri Kit and will be finished in the Lufthansa Schema from 1936 as the Kit does not include the needed Propeller for the new restored Version.


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WT363 Canberra B(I)8

The Original
Built by Short Bros and awaiting collection in January 1955, WT363 had a fairly standard career. First issued to 59 Sqn this B(I)8 was eventually to be owned by all the Strike Squadrons in Germany at that time – 59 Sqn, 3 Sqn, 88 Sqn, 14 Sqn, 16 Sqn and then back with 14 Sqn (except 213 Sqn of course).

When on 14 Sqn, WT363 was in involved in an air-to-air collision with XM278 whilst formation flying. It crashed near Roermond on 11 June 1968.

Source: Canberra – B(I)8 Gallery

The Model
It is the Revell Canberra B(I)8, build straight out of the box. It has almost no details, the cockpit is empty. I placed some weights inside, but it is still a tailsitter. :-(
But I finally built that kit, after having it on my stock for quite some years.

The aircraft shown here represents the BAC Canberra B(I)8 from the No. 14 Squadron of the Royal Airforce Germany, based in Wildenrath around 1963.

Here are some pictures, I hope you like it.

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STS-133, last mission of the Discovery / Part 2

The paper models for the Crawler and the MLP have arrived.

This will be the MLP…

And this the crawler…

I also started with the Shuttle. Glued first parts together and opened the gap at the wings.

Next step was to attach the wings to the Body. This is without glue, just Need to see how big the gaps are.

Unfortunately the gaps are between Body and wings and also underneath the Space Shuttle.

Added the window and painted the Cockpit wall black…

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STS-133, the last mission of the Discovery / Part 1

Another day, another project…

On February, 24th in the year 2011 NASA launched STS-133, which was the 133rd Space Shuttle mission and the last one for the Shuttle Discovery. Also it was the 39th mission of the Discovery. During the mission the Discovery visited the ISS and delivered Leonardo, a Multi Purpose Logistic Modul and additional equipment. After 14 days in space Space Shuttle Discovery returned on March, 9th to earth and was landing at the Kennedy Space Center. Discovery spent a total amount of 365 days (a complete year) in space!

After following some other people building a Shuttle Launch Pad and the re-release of the Shuttle Launch Tower by Revell I was thinking about building one for myself. But after hearing so much bad things about the scale issues with the Revell Tower, compared to the Shuttle and the MLP I have decided to take a slightly different approach. I have ordered the MLP and the crawler from Educraft. Those two will come in the correct 1:144 scale, but made out of paper.
So I will use the paper model as a template and will build it out of some Evergreen plastic sheets. But the tower is a totally different story…
As right now, I think I will build it completely from scratch, but it kind of depends how good I can deal with the paper model.

So instead of using the Shuttle from the Revell Shuttle Launch Tower Box, I bought another Shuttle on Ebay. Box art looks pretty used, but the kit itself was perfectly fine.

I have removed all raised panel lines as they were not present during the latest shuttle missions. Also I glued the Booster rockets together and placed them on the Revell MLP to see how it looks.

Last step was to start building the shuttle blast chamber. This will be right below the shuttle.

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45+03; a last small sneak preview

Good Morning everyone,

this is the last small sneak preview prior to the official Roll out of the next Tonka. I have started with the decals, and I need to say I love those Mark 1 decals a lot. Very thin, but still easy to handle. One decal had an accident, but I managed it to set on the jet without being visible too much. As I am very busy at the moment I hope to have it finished before October. :-)

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Almost ready for the decals

Another small update from earlier this Morning. I was able to finish painting the black/red/”gold” onto both Tonkas. The yellow on the orange Looks pretty good. I had my doubts, but pretty happy with the outcome.

So next step will be some Color corrections and then spraying X-22 Clear from Tamiya all over the Tonkas to get them ready for decal session. :-)

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Another Update of Tonka Builds

Another small Update on two other Tonkas on my workbench. It is the 44+50 “30 Years JaboG32″ and the 45+03 “50 years Flugerprobung”. I finally managed it to apply the yellow paint. This is needed for representing the German flag on wings, tails and nose. The orange of the 45+03 is from Mr. Hobby Color, called Orange Yellow H24. Many thanks for the hint to Bohdan from PMC Main-Kinzig.

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WIP Italian Tonkas Part 2

Had not much time this morning, but still made some progress. One the first tonka I was able to finish the wings. Pretty basic building, as you need to melt the plastic of the weapon stations to hold them in place. But it works. :-)

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WIP Italian Tonkas

Today I am starting a build of two Italian Tonkas from Italeri. Both should be used to improve my Airbrush skills, as the Tonkas from Italeri are not as good as the ones from Revell that I am usually build. Decals will be the ones shown on the boxart.

I have started with cutting out all pieces needed for the steps 1 and 2 in the build instruction and cleaned them as good as possible. Only ejection seats are not part of it as I might have some better spare ones from a Revell Tonka.

All parts of the cockpit have been glued together. Next step will be brush it in grey and give it some color.

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